overtone audio


overtone audio is the brainchild of Vinod Subramanian. He has been an audio professional for over two decades. His work spans feature film, documentary, music – and on the other side of things – has been conducting repairs on professional equipment, making custom designed cables, DC powering and more for sound people in India. He has trained in repair and maintenance at Lectrosonics and Zaxcom in 2015 and at Schoeps in 2016.

Vinod has been a representative of a number of manufacturers in India for a many years now, however at a personal capacity. He has visited and trained at many manufacturers’ premises, and major Expos (NAB, BVE, CABSAT, IBC, Palm Show, Broadcast India).

In 2015 he was inducted into the DPA Masters, the only sound mixer from India in the list. He is an active and full member of the CAS (Cinema Audio Society), AMPS (Association for Motion Picture Sound) and IPS (Institute of Professional Sound).

​The formation of this company formalises the work he has been doing and is a fresh start at providing superlative and comprehensive solutions and support in a ‘one-stop shop’ format.

In 2018 Overtone Audio put up a presence at the the Palm Show and had hundreds of visitors at the stall…

It is now the Third Year of operation at Overtone Audio. We have been successful in transforming the Location Sound Equipment market in India, providing excellent advice to customers before, during and after sales. Many customers, both young and experienced have benefitted from Overtone Audio’s presence in India with prompt service and support.

Success rate in repairs of Sound Devices and Lectrosonics equipment is almost 100%.